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Provides information on Alzheimer's disease and other dementias - this includes verbal and written material on all aspects of dementia; information on community services that may help you; support for all people affected by dementia; support for younger people and families especially in early stages of dementia and more.

Address: Solway Showgrounds – Doug Lamb Building P O Box 865 Masterton 5840 Phone: 06 377 7522

Advocates and educates, for people with arthritis.

Address: PO Box 358, Masterton Phone: 0800663463;063708318

We can provide information, resources and support.

Address: 41 Perry Street, Masterton Phone: 06 377 1175

Autism New Zealand Wairarapa provides ASD related support, information, training and education to individuals, families/whānau/caregivers and their support networks, including professionals and schools.


Address: Wairarapa Community Centre, 41 Perry Street, Masterton Phone: 0220199889 069297004

Supports and educates our community about Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated conditions such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and dyslexia.

Address: Autism Wairarapa Unit 3, 392 Queen St Masterton Phone: 06 370 4590
Phone: 0800 200 430
Address: 43 Perry Street, Masterton Phone: 06 377 0078

Support and information.

Address: 140 Dixon Street, Masterton Phone: 06 378 8039