Fire prevention

The Fire Service is available to provide community or group talks about fire safety.

Phone: 06 370 9553

The Fire Awareness & Intervention Programme (FAIP) is a free consequences-based education programme that caters for all children and young people with fire lighting tendencies aged under 18 years old. It is usually delivered over several weeks by a trained firefighter called an FAIP Practitioner. Content and delivery varies according to the age and maturity of the child. The programme is usually delivered in the home, is strictly confidential and voluntary (except where referred by the police or court).  Practitioners work with the parents / caregivers and the child to help them develop an awareness of fire safety issues in the home and the community. The aim of the programme is to teach the child a greater respect for fire and its potential consequences.  FAIP receives more than 700 referrals of children and young people annually. An evaluation of FAIP by Auckland University Services in 2009 revealed that 98% of children who complete the programme stop fire lighting.  "98% of children who complete the programme stop fire lighting*" *Study by Auckland University published 1/10/2012 

Phone: 0800 FIRE INFO

For commercial premises that provide their own extinguishers. Practical training on live fire situations for staff using  the same types of extinguishers that are provided in their workplace.

Phone: 06 370 9553

Any questions you may have about fire safety can be answered by staff at your local fire station. We have plenty of brochures available or you can visit us online at

Phone: 06 370 9553

The firefighters will visit the home and work through a comprehensive check list with the occupants. A free long life smoke alarm may be fitted (normally conditional on community services card) and further reading material supplied.

Phone: 06 3709553

Provided at Masterton Station or in the community from our mobile demonstrator, this is provided to interested groups or at community events such as fairs etc. It involves a talk about kitchen fire safety and basic fire prevention methods. It tells you how to deal with a fire on the stove and then gives a practical demonstration of a pot of fat on fire, the correct way to deal with it and then a spectacular demonstration of what not to do. 30% of house fires start in the kitchen.

Phone: 06 370 9553

Call 111 for emergencies.
For all other enquiries ring Masterton Station 06 370 9550
Masterton Station, 2 Chapel Street, Masterton
Carterton Volunteer Fire Brigade, High Street, Carterton
Martinborough Volunteer Fire Brigade, Texas Street, Martinborough
Greytown Volunteer Fire Brigade, 54 Main Road, Greytown
Featherston Volunteer Fire Brigade, 46 Fox Street, Featherston

Phone: 111 for emergency

Our goal at the National Rural Fire Authority (NRFA) is to reduce the number and consequence of wildfires in rural areas.  To achieve this, we work throughout the country with a range of organisations that are invested in managing rural fires.  For more information see our website.

Address: In an emergency call 111